We are what we do

There are three words that define who we are and how we work: accountability, transparency, and authenticity. We are constantly striving to ensure that all our products are safe, effective, and deliver on their promises to the people who trust us.

Valuable solutions

Transforming our discoveries into valuable solutions for people: that is our mission. We are a company of people and we work for people. For us, responsibility means, first of all, promoting the development of human potential through work and commitment.

A culture of sharing

At Farmaka, doors are always open - literally - and so are the books, both in terms of budgets and development plans that we regularly share with all employees, in full transparency. We believe that sharing is not only just an expression of trust, but also a great asset: a valuable tool for collecting different ideas and points of view.

Facts, not words

Our code of ethics is very simple: we do what we say. We don’t make promises that we can’t keep, and we don’t sell anything that hasn’t been rigorously quality controlled. To be authentic means precisely this: let the facts speak for themselves and to be faithful to a history that’s more than 50 years old.

Our initiatives

Every company should feel responsible for its role in the community where it operates. Farmaka has chosen Milan, first economic hub of the country and center of excellence for research and innovation in the field of healthcare, and has chosen to contribute through human development initiatives dedicated to the community, schools, and in support of art, science, and culture.

Francesca Rava Foundation for the Ukraine emergency

Francesca Rava Foundation in the field to bring medical aid to hospitals, to the front lines and support for refugees.

Fondazione Rava

Supporting children in need.

Fondazione Thèodora

Support for the little ones in hospital since 1995.

San Patrignano

Recovery community for troubled youth.

Get to know us

Even more important than our products are the people who work for and with us.

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If you’re looking for a team of professionals to develop something unique, or if you are interested in distributing one of our formulations, or again if you have a discovery you would like to share, you can contact us here.

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