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Every company should feel responsible for its role in the community where it operates. Farmaka has chosen Milan, first economic hub of the country and center of excellence for research and innovation in the field of healthcare, and has chosen to contribute through human development initiatives dedicated to the community, schools, and in support of art, science, and culture.


Milano, Il nuovo Policlinico ecologico

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Milan, Italy: The other side of Europe's fashion capital

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Milan, Italy’s most business-focused city, looks to rival London

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Arriva il PAES: Milano approva il Piano per l’Energia sostenibile

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ASCO 2018: oncologi e ricercatori dell'Istituto nazionale dei tumori di Milano portabandiera della ricerca italiana

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In Milan, MIND, a district for innovation, is being created: a university, life sciences centre and tribute to Leonardo da Vinci

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What Made Leonardo da Vinci a Genius?

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