People first

Even more important than our products are people who work for us and with us. We develop ideas, but we also develop their well-being by promoting what we call our internal culture.

We promote individual responsibility in job performance, offer personal growth courses, establish Welfare plans and share our successes through employee participation in results.

We believe that responsibility and sharing bring growth to both people and the company: the success of Farmaka is the success of everyone.

Open space

True to our value of transparency, our offices are designed to facilitate exchange and collaboration: this way information circulates faster and everyone can contribute to every single project.

Why work at Farmaka?

Continuous innovation
Innovating means improving by overcoming fear of the impossible. Inspired by the Eastern concept of Kaizen (改善) or continuous improvement, we seek to create innovation in all aspects of our work, big or small.
For development
Personal growth goes hand-in-hand with the growth of the company. Those who work at Farmaka can choose professional and personal development courses promoted by the company.
For growth
We believe in sharing as instrument of personal growth: open doors, open spaces, training courses, and attendance to budgetary meetings by everyone are proof of this. We give confidence and responsibility, and receive ideas and different points of view: this is the spice of innovation.
What it’s like to work with us

In Farmaka we work a lot, we really do, and we must be ready to give everything. In return you receive trust, responsibility, training, and the opportunity to grow very quickly, professionally and personally.

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Cosa dicono di noi

"I worked for Farmaka as Receptionist and Executive Assistant

from February 2017 to March 2018.

It was undoubtedly the best company I have worked for:

I found a very healthy, dynamic and stimulating environment.

Dr. Alessandro Casero and his right-hand man, Dr. Enrico Fracchia,

manage the company with foresight, ethics and innovative spirit;

in particular, I greatly appreciated their ability to combine professionalism

and empathy towards all employees.

I immediately felt like an integral part of the team,

well received and appreciated for my work.

I would have never left this company and their wonderful people

if it had not been for personal needs of moving to another city.

I think Farmaka, in many ways, is a rare gem of absolute excellence."

Martina Lobbia

“Farmaka is a consolidated reality in which I found valid and reliable

colleagues that allowed me to grow professionally

and personally in a stimulating and learning environment.

I spent almost 6 years in Farmaka, during which I had the chance

to acquire regulatory competences,

both in national and international contexts,

and develop important skills such as

results orientation, attention to detail and professional curiosity.”

Cristian Appari