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Pharmacovigilance is defined as the discipline that studies adverse events potentially linked to the usage of a medicinal product (drug, vaccine, etc.), in order to ensure a benefit/risk ratio as favorable to population as possible.

Like the website of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) states, reports of suspected adverse reactions, thus those for which there is a reasonable possibility of correlation with a medicinal product, are an important source of information for all pharmacovigilance activities, since they enable to record potential drug-related alarm signals so to make medicines safer, to the benefit of all patients.

Thanks to this activity we are also able to promote safe and effective usage of our products, for example promptly providing safety information to patients, to healthcare professionals and to the public, or continuously updating the package leaflet of our products. Hence, pharmacovigilance is an activity that contributes to the protection of public health.

The European law on pharmacovigilance requires all healthcare professionals and allows all citizens to report any kind of suspected adverse reaction (severe or not severe, known or unknown).

Channels for reporting to Health Authorities

Report online to the Health Authorities, through the VigiFarmaco website
Report to the Health Authorities via email or fax, using the AIFA form

Canali per segnalare a Farmaka

Please be aware that all personal data received will be treated as described in the privacy policy available at the following link Lastly kindly express in the text of the email your personal consent to be contacted by our pharmacovigilance service to ask additional information in relation to your case.

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