A tailor-made approach

We don’t have protocols, rules, or forms: collaborating firstly means knowing how to listen.
We put our skills, experience, and technologies at the service of research, through a network of excellence built over the years: university centers, galenic laboratories, cutting-edge contractors and marketing experts.

How we work

Farmaka is a “think tank”: our expertise ranges from chemistry to pharmacology, from regulatory affairs to marketing and from design to industrialization of pharmaceutical products.

Not only that, in 50 years of activity we have built a network of excellence that includes university centers, galenic laboratories and cutting-edge contractors.

However, ideas don’t always originate internally; sometimes it’s our partners who contact us to develop new products. In this case, we continuously exchange our progress throughout the research phase, with the objective of having a transparent workflow and gather suggestions on how to fine-tune the end product.

Thank you

Farmaka has become an internationally recognized company thanks to the trust of our partners.

What they say about us

"Working for more than 10 years with Farmaka, I can describe the company as

a true innovator, disciplined in multiple areas of consumer healthcare,

focused on high-end solutions with unique and competitive consumer benefits.

The team has a wide expertise in medical devices, cosmetics

and registered drugs within various indication domains.

They can assist you in A-Z developments, from conceptual idea to finished product.

All this is done in a very transparent & collaborative atmosphere with a

dedicated focus, combining the best of science with the best marketing insights.

My extensive collaboration experience with Farmaka has led to

the development of several very successful and unique products

being widely sold within Europe and beyond.

Summarizing Farmaka in a few words:

innovation excellence,

passion for consumer healthcare

dedication & speed to market."

An De Naeyer, Head of Innovations - ADN Innovative Solutions bvba

Case histories

Each product has its own story: learn about some that have allowed us not only to grow but also to create new technologies.

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Interested in our products and services?

If you’re looking for a team of professionals to develop something unique, or if you are interested in distributing one of our formulations, or again if you have a discovery you would like to share, you can contact us here.