Rava Foundation in aid of the victims of the war in Ukraine

A few hours after the very harsh Russian attacks in Ukraine on February 24, the Francesca Rava Foundation took action locally to define the most urgent needs through the head of the Pediatric Hospital of the Bukovnian State Medical University in Chernivtsi, Dr. Oleg Bodnar. Bodnar is a volunteer pediatric surgeon with the Rava Foundation and has served several missions at St. Damien in Haiti.

The most acute health emergency concerns the care of the injured and attention to children hospitalized in pediatric hospitals. Many hospitals were bombed and medical supplies were lost. This is why it is important to replace it promptly in order to ensure health care for wounded soldiers. It is urgent to purchase and send surgical instruments, first aid kits, electrocoagulators, vital signs monitors, antibiotics, anticoagulants, surgical instruments, electrosurgical units, tourniquets, hypothermic blankets.

Before even activating the fundraiser, Fodazione Rava ordered machinery and urgent medical equipment for a value of € 140,000. To respond to the health emergency it was necessary to start a fundraiser to collect € 500,000 as soon as possible to promptly procure what was requested, in time for the departure of the next convoys.

The Foundation works in close coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Defense and Civil Protection.

has decided to support the Francesca Rava Foundation with a donation to contribute to the purchase of equipment, medical material and all the drugs required by the hospitals.