San Patrignano charity auction: our contribution to a community that, since 1978, welcomes those who ask for help

Recovery community for troubled youth

San Patrignano embodies “a home for young people who lost their way”, a family that helps them rebuild their future, and gives them the possibility to embark on an educational and, strictly connected to it, professional journey. Within the path of reintegration in society, training is a fundamental step, since learning a job guarantees a higher chance of reinstatement.

For this reason, the community has always aimed to offer, together with an educational program, a cutting-edge professional training. In the 50 different centers and career laboratories created over the years, young people have the chance to develop abilities and talents, share emotions, and at the same time fit in the place where they live.

26,000 boys and girls met, 1,300 currently residents; these numbers speak frankly and underline the values and the ambitions of the community: efficacy, human and professional training, sharing and transparency, principles in which Farmaka believes in and identifies itself.

Since 2014, Farmaka contributes to the fundraiser organized in Milan during the traditional charity auction and, mainly, participating to the so called “Chinese auction”, a technique for which each bidding automatically becomes a donation. The goal of this particular initiative is to fund scholarships for those in San Patrignano who wish to pursue their studies together with the recovery path.

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